A Stupid Messy

1:17 AM

by Rahmad Kurniawan

I’ve found you.
A piece of my heart and already fit and fill with the feel and peace. But i forgot something. You grew up, and i grew up. My worries came true. A real journey and hard times for you and me. Time seperate us, seconds makes us really far, away from the dreams we made. 
No more fit, it’s left a scar. 
Why we turn away and don’t wanna know each other. 
No more smile. 
No more kiss. 
Just a memories that dusty away. 
By the grace of your pretty smile, i begged you a million miles. To turn those beautiful moments become our witness and keep us together. I’m so cheesy to ask you this, but it’s better to being cheesy rather than keep the anger keep chained us like this, a stupid messy. 

Would you, my love? 

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